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Summer Holidays, 21st July – 5th September 2022

22 Jul 2022

Our school is now closed for the summer holidays and will reopen to all children, their families and the school community on 5th September 2022.

Thank you for being part of our school journey , we wish you all a lovely summer and look forward to seeing you all in September 2022.

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Plans for next week’s hot weather

16 Jul 2022

The safety of the school community is our priority. We have implemented additional measures to help to keep St John’s school children and staff as cool and safe as possible during the extremely hot weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday. 

We have taken the decision to close our school early on Monday and Tuesday before the temperatures climb higher in the late afternoon. Eagle Club After School Club will be closed on both days and all  St John’s children are to be collected after lunchtime. 

Letters have been sent to all St John’s families today, 16th July 2022 with full details.

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Electric Umbrella

14 Jul 2022

Our friends, Electric Umbrella are visiting today. It’s been a while since their last visit but we are thrilled to see them again. Electric Umbrella work together with learning disabled people to create engaging, live musical experiences.  The sound of joy, laughter and singing can be heard throughout the building. We are thankful to Electric Umbrella for creating memorable moments for our children.

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New library books

9 Jul 2022

Our school is growing and so is our school library and we have recently received a delivery of a collection of brand books.  Its important that the books in our school library represent the diversity of St John’s School Church of England Primary School community and that our children have the chance to read a range of exciting and engaging books from a variety of authors from all backgrounds.

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Last day of term

8 Jul 2022

This year has been the first full school year since the Covid pandemic, we are grateful for our school community who have continued to be supportive and loving during unexpected times. The St John’s School children have shown amazing resilience and have created moments of joy, laughter and celebration. We are in the final weeks of the current school year, our last day of term is 21st July and school will close at 2pm. We hope that all of our children, families and staff have happy summer holiday. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school in September 2022

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Value of the Month

8 Jul 2022

The value of the Month is Wisdom. All of the children have reflected on our value of the month. They have been all been given a picture of a wise owl and have written in their own words what wisdom means to them. Their wise and wonderful words have been used to create a beautiful display.

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St John’s School Green Day

1 Jul 2022

“The Eco Ambassadors come up with ideas to make our school more ‘green’ (environmentally friendly). We’ve started with recycling food waste into our compost bin. Everyone’s been doing so well but our compost bin is nearly full. We’d like to do more, so we are holding a green day where students can wear green (could be just your school cardigan or come dressed all in green!) and give a £1 donation. Any money raised will go towards paying for a food recycling waste collection while we are wait for our compost to form before the bin can be emptied”

Written by Hugh, St John’s School Eco Ambassador.

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