Our Family

Mrs Helen Langeveld – Headteacher

“To create a brand new school, working in partnership with the Church of St John’s, Diocese of St Alban’s, and the local community, has been a unique opportunity. The children’s well- being and learning is at the heart of everything that we do. We are building a creative and highly effective team that continually strives for excellence and challenges children to achieve their next steps. I look forward to sharing the exciting journey that we are on and to welcoming our sixth intake of reception children in September 2021.”



Mrs Langeveld became our Headteacher in January 2016 and led the major project to get the school ready for its first pupils. This included developing the school’s policies and curriculum, appointing staff and building networks with parents and the local community in preparation for the school’s opening. After our successful Ofsted and SIAMS inspections, we continue to grow from strength to strength.

Mrs Langeveld has a strong track record in primary education. With over 32 years of experience across the primary school age range, she has a wealth of quality experiences as both a teacher and a leader.



Nothing we do at school would be possible without our amazing family of staff



Mrs Helen Langeveld     HT / DSL / SLT

Miss Anna Pyatt     DH / DSL / Senco / SLT


Reception Genesis

Mrs Ella Bell/ Mrs Helen Sparksman     CT / SLT

Mrs Keiko Haines     TA 


Reception Alpha

Mr Sunny Chandra     CT

Mrs Carly Saidj     TA   –   Away, covered by Miss Kanak Lunawat


Year One Vesper

Mrs Kristina Repova     CT 

Mrs Michelle Moore     TA


Year One Aurora

Mr Alex Handley     CT 

Miss Saliha Amarouche     TA / Eagle BSC


Year Two Aqueous

Mrs Tiffany Curtis     CT / SLT

Miss Sophia Solomou     TA / Eagle ASC


Year Two Terra

Miss Charlotte Haylett     CT

Mrs Luba Kyoseva     TA


Year Three Arboretum

Mrs Rosie Soul / Mrs Sayyeda-Maryam Jessa     CT

Diana Flores-Pankhania     HLTA

Lorraine Graham- Leigh     TA


Year Four Solar

Mr Chris Soul     CT

Mrs Dipti Mistry     TA



Miss Sarah Gregory     Godly Play / LSA / Eagle BSC

Mrs Michelle Jooste     1:1 / LSA

Miss Amber Carvey     LSA



Mrs Janine Mowbray     Supervisor

Mrs Smitha Anathanam     EPM

Mrs Mandy Lovelidge      EPM / 1:1

Mrs Madhavi Gutty     EPM / Eagle ASC

Mr Liam Mattinson     EPM / Eagle ASC

Mrs Lara Carvalho     EPM

Mrs Claire Wasilewski     EPM

Ms Laura MacMillan     EPM


Kitchen & Cleaning

Mr Danny Walsh     Chef

Mrs Thess Endrinal     Assistant Chef / Cleaner

Mr Jesus Endrinal     Cleaner



Mrs Vix Moore     SBM / DSL / SLT

Miss Nejla Shekho     Admin / Receptionist

Mrs Saba Malik     Finance

Mrs Tricia Staunton     HR / PA to HT


Support Staff

Mr Richard Langeveld     Caretaker

Bailey Butler     IT Support