St John’s Church of England Primary School Staff Team


Nothing we do at school would be possible without our amazing staff team


Leadership Team

Headteacher: Miss  Pyatt

Acting Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Curtis

Acting Deputy Headteacher: Ms Sparksman

School Business Manager: Mrs Hall


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team

SENCo: Miss Stevens

Safeguarding & Family Liaison Advisor: Mrs Moore

HLTA: Mrs  Kyoseva

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs  Jooste

Learning Support Assistant: Miss  Carvey

Learning Support Assistant: Miss Wheddon

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Zabinska

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs  Wasilewski


Office Team 

School Business Manager:  Mrs Hall

Administration Assistant: Mrs Martos

Finance Administrator: Mrs Malik

HR Administrator & PA to Headteacher: Mrs  Staunton


Class Teachers  and Support Staff 

Key Stage Leaders 

Key Stage One: Miss Repova

Lower Key Stage Two: Mrs Jessa


Reception Genesis

Class Teacher: Miss Sparksman

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jain


Reception Alpha

Class Teacher: Mr  Chandra

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lunawat


Year One Vesper

Class Teacher: Miss Repova 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mestha 


Year One Aurora

Class Teacher: Miss Lewsey

Teaching Assistant: Mrs  Amarouche


Year Two Aqueous

Class Teacher: Miss Toon 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mowbray


Year Two Terra

Class Teacher: Miss Nisbett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Melamoud


Year Three Arboretum

Class Teacher: Mr Page 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kajdi


Year Three Botanical

Class Teacher:Mrs  Jessa

Teaching Assistant: Mr Mattinson


Year Four Solar

Class Teacher: Mr Soul

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Maan 


Year Four Lunar 

Class Teacher: Mr Loundes

Teaching Assistant:


Year Five Aviary

Class Teacher: Miss Haylett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Endrinal 


Year Six Zoology 

Class Teacher: Mr  Handley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Selveraj


Cover Supervisor 

Mrs  Budo


EPM (Eagle Play Mentors): Catering Team

EPM Supervisor: Mrs Wasilewski

EPM: Mrs  Lovelidge 

EPM: Mrs Kadji

EPM: Mrs Moisiuc

EPM: Ms O’Connell

EPM: Miss Rozehnalova

EPM: Mrs Jandu

EPM: Ms Kolcuna

Chef: Mr Walsh

Chef: Mr Nagy


EPM (Eagle Play Mentors): Eagle Club Team 

EPM: Mrs Amarouche

EPM: Mrs Wesley

EPM: Mrs  Jandu

EPM: Ms Kolcuna

EPM: Mrs Heinrichs


Support Staff Team 

Premises Manager: Mr Sewell

Cleaner: Mr  Endrinal

Cleaner: Mrs  Endrinal