St John’s Church of England Primary School Staff Team


Nothing we do at school would be possible without our amazing staff team

The safety, wellbeing and welfare of all of the children, staff and visitors is the centre of everything that we do at St John’s C of E Primary School and our school staff are committed to support all of the children and their families, visitors and staff.

Our staff are here to help you. Please remember that every St John’s staff are human beings and always communicate with our staff with Love and Respect.


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Miss  Pyatt

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Thompson

School Business Manager: Mrs Hall


Key Stage Leaders 

EYFS (Reception): Ms Sparksman

Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2): Mrs Soul

Lower Key Stage Two (Years 3 & 4): Mr Soul

Upper Key Stage Two (Years 5 & 6): Miss Haylett


Class  Teachers & Teaching Assistants


Reception Genesis

Class Teacher: Miss Sparksman

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jain


Reception Alpha

Class Teacher: Mr  Chandra

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lunawat


Year One Vesper

Class Teacher: Mrs Soul & Mrs Alyas 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Timmis 


Year One Aurora

Class Teacher: Miss Nisbett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs  Amarouche


Year Two Aqueous

Class Teacher: Miss Toon 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sivasuthan


Year Two Terra

Class Teacher: Mr Loundes

Teaching Assistant: Mr Buhagiar


Year Three Arboretum

Class Teacher: Mrs Emmanuel 

Teaching Assistant: Miss O’Connell


Year Three Botanical

Class Teacher: Miss Pandit

Teaching Assistant: Mr Mattinson


Year Four Solar

Class Teacher: Mr Soul

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kajdi


Year Four Lunar 

Class Teacher: Miss Mcildowie

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mestha


Year Five Aviary

Class Teacher: Mrs Lukina 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jociene


Year Five Aquarium

Class Teacher: Miss Haylett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Endrinal 


Year Six Zoology 

Class Teacher: Mr  Handley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Selveraj


Teaching Staff Cover

Cover Supervisor: Mrs  Budo


PPA Cover 

PPA Cover Class Teacher: Mrs Jessa


Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss Carvey

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mowbray


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team

Special Education Need Coordinator (SENCo): Miss Stevens

Special Education Need Coordinator (SENCo): Mrs Cavalier

Safeguarding & Family Liaison Advisor: Mrs Moore

SEN Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs  Kyoseva

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs  Jooste

Learning Support Assistant: Miss Wheddon

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Zabinska

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs  Wasilewski

Learning Support Assistant: Ms Kolcuna

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Hussain


Office Team 

School Business Manager:  Mrs Hall

Office Lead & PA to Headteacher: Mrs  Staunton

Administration Assistant:  Mrs Hordle

Administration Assistant: Mrs Kaur

Finance Administrator: Mrs Malik


Catering Team

Chef: Mr Nagy


Eagle Play Mentors (EPM):

EPM Supervisor: Mrs Wasilewski

EPM: Mrs Wesley

EPM: Mrs Moisiuc

EPM: Mrs Jandu

EPM- Mrs Bushi

EPM-Mrs Halili


Eagle Play Mentors (EPM): Eagle Club Team 

EPM: Mrs Amarouche

EPM: Mrs Wesley

EPM: Mrs  Jandu

EPM: Mrs Heinrichs

EPM: Mrs Tolley

EPM: Miss Rew


Premises Support Staff Team 

Premises Manager: Mr Sewell

Cleaner: Ms Ward

Cleaner: Miss Rew