Christian Ethos

Teaching our children to care for and share with others is predominant across the whole of our school family. All our children benefit from our inclusive Christian ethos where loving your neighbour is the golden thread that runs through all that we do. Fr David and the Church of St John provide our children and families with ongoing pastoral support.


‘Growing together in Love and Respect’ is the starting point for our school and it enables all to flourish and be the best that they can be. Our school grew from the foundation of St John’s Church and was built through God’s love.

Our Children are given wide opportunities to embrace the Christian ethos and to become loving and giving community members. Our children benefit from learning on how to contribute to the local and global community through our strong links with local charities such as the Watford Blind Centre and the Three Rivers Watford Refugee Project.

We collaborate with other local churches and religions, businesses and community groups. Each year every child has the opportunity to carol sing for the community. We have supported global projects such as the ‘Creating a Buzz in Nepal’ organised by the Bishop of St Albans for the Autumn Harvest Appeal.

We aim for all our children from all religions or none to flourish within a school family that embraces God’s love.

Our daily acts of Collective Worship are a strong thread through the rythmn of our school week. They are a daily coming together of the school family where children have a time to pause, engage  and grow in reflection and spirituality.