Our School Uniform

Below is the dress standard for the children at our school.

Uniform items marked with an * are printed or embroidered with the school logo and must be purchased through Mapac, our school uniform provider. You can decide whether to buy the other items from Mapac or another retailer.

You can purchase items from Mapac:


If you feel unable to provide the correct uniform due to financial reasons please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Pyatt in complete confidentiality.

Uniform Items
White button up polo shirt
​Dark grey skirt/pinafore/trousers/shorts (not jersey material)
Emerald school sweatshirt or cardigan*
Socks – grey or white
Dark grey tights for winter
Shoes – black, flat, sensible shoes -buckles, laces or velcro but no fashion, heeled or trainer styles.
Plain hooded school coat with no visible patterns or logos – reflective stripes are encouraged
Beanie Hat or Baseball cap for summer*
Woollen hat for winter*
Green rucksack for Reception* – Our supplier usually supplies this to us to give to children joining in September
Purple rucksacks* for Years 1-6 – please select the most appropriate size for your child.
Green school PE top*
Black shorts for PE
Black tracksuit bottoms, black tracksuit tops or black leggings can be worn for PE. Plain black with no logos.
P.E. Shoes: black plimsolls or trainers are required for every P.E. session.

Hair: Extreme hairstyles and decorative hair accessories are not permitted. All hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied back. Hairbands and hair clips should be discrete in either green or black.

Jewellery: The only item of jewellery which may be worn is one set of ear studs and these must be removed or covered during PE.

Water bottles: Children must come to school every day with a labelled water bottle filled with fresh water.

Please label all articles of clothing and footwear as this save valuable time in identifying lost property.

We thank families for their attention and co-operation in matters of school uniform and for their children’s smart appearance.

When our children enter into KS2 (Years 3-6), they will have the option of  an alternative version of the purple St John’s C of E Primary School bag.