Current Consultations

Admissions Policy Consultation – proposed amendments to the Admissions Policy for the Academic Year 2023-2024

We are currently consulting on proposed amendments to our Admission Arrangements. We are seeking responses for parents/carer, schools and community groups. The consultation is taking place between 1st November and 12th December 2021. The proposed Admission Arrangements are shown on this webpage. Responses should be sent directly to our school, preferably by completing our online form.

We will also accept responses received by emailing or by posting them to our school address – 32 Clarendon Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 1JJ.

The proposals are outlined below:

  1. To change how we deal with the banding of applications from Children of the Christian Faith and Community spaces so that it will encompass both initial allocation and the subsequent continuing interest. Clarification of how we will deal with Supplementary Information Forms (SIF) received after applications have been ranked.
  2. Clarification of the sibling rule.
  3. To amend the definition and explanation for home address, where a child lives at two addresses equally.
  4. To clarify whether unsuccessful applications are automatically placed on the waiting list/continuing interest lists.
  5. To change the automatic right for summer born children to apply in the year following their 5th birthday to conform with the Schools Code that these decisions should be made on a case by case basis based upon the needs of the child
  6. To clarify the process for waiting lists
  7. To clarify how the school deals with fraudulent applications
  8. To clarify the process for children applying from overseas

Past Consultations

Admissions Policy Consultations

The latest Admissions Arrangements consultation was undertaken between 26th October and 6th December 2020 for an amendment to the Admission Arrangements for 2022/23. In January we will review all of the responses and these will factor into the determination of the Admissions Arrangements.

The change being consulted on is in relation to the entry of children who are twins/multiple birth.

For twins/multiple births – where one child is admitted under any admission rule, the other twin or siblings will be admitted. Where this would take the school over the published admission number (PAN) of 60, they will be admitted as an exception to the infant class size rule. 

These were carried out in relation to 2017/18 and for 2019/20 – the results were incorporated into our determined admission policies for the relevant years.

Statutory S10 Consultation

This was carried out prior to opening. You can download the report and other material by clicking the pdf links on this page.

Planning Consultation

A public consultation was held regarding our permanent site prior to opening.