Our School Library

The School Library forms an integral part of our school. We are very lucky to have a dedicated library space  with a varied and diverse range of books that reflect our school community. Our library books support the current school curriculum and our collection includes:

  • Picture/Board books
  • Early readers
  • Non-Fiction books
  • Poetry
  • Plays
  • Chapter books

We will of course be adding to our library collection as our school grows. We received advice from the wonderful Marilyn Brocklehurst, who has estimated that it will cost in the region of £22,000 to fully stock our primary school library. We are already investing money to grow our library, but here’s how you can help.

  1. Suggest a book. If you have read a book that you thought was amazing and should be in the school library, then please tell us about it! The library belongs to all of us and we want you to be involved. The children can suggest a book by posting their request into the wishing well in the library.
  2. Donate a book. On this page you will find a “wish list” of books that we would like for the library. However, we will happily accept any good quality books.  They do not need to be brand new, but should be in good condition. The books will be reviewed by the Librarian and if it isn’t required by the library i.e. we already have enough copies, we will make sure that it still benefits the children at our school or in our community. We will do this by providing books to families on low incomes who may find it difficult to purchase books for home use, or by passing it on to the Friends of St John’s School (our PTFA) to sell at one of their events.
  3. Make a donation. We are very thankful to the Friends of St John’s School for securing a donation from the John Lewis Community Fund for our library. If you are an individual or business who could help St John’s to promote a love of reading and boost our children’s literacy skills, please do get in touch.

Classroom collections – Books are available in each classroom. These are refreshed from the main library stock every term and will include books that compliment the class’s current learning, alongside books that children from the class have chosen.

Libresoft – Our online library system

The children can access the school library system here. They will need their barcode number and entering their password. If you would like to access the library system online, please contact the school office, marking it for the attention of the Librarian. The passwords all start with 229ch and then the first two letters of the first name and the surname i.e. if someone was called Fred Bloggs, their password would be 229chFrBl.

Special Collections

  • We have a wide selection of bilingual books and books in languages other than English. St John’s families can request these books to share with the children or wider family by contacting the school office. We are also happy to loan these books to other schools. Don’t forget to tell us the language!
  • Spanish Books – to support our foreign language learning, we also have a number of books in Spanish and Spanish/English. These are available for the children to borrow from the library.
  • Large books for the visually impaired – We have a number of larger format books with large print and braille. These books are large enough to be used as “big books” to read to the class, but also can be used to support those with visual impairments/sight loss. These books will be available to families as a special loan. These have been bought as part of the kind donation from John Lewis.

Future Plans

  1. Introducing Library Leads -Book loving children who want to help develop our school library. They will learn about running the school library and be able to help select books to purchase. In future years they will help to run the library by issuing books, organising the library shelves and running the Library Club.
  2. Family Library After School Club – An opportunity to use the library as a family after school. Come hear a member of staff read a story, enjoy a book together or use the library for research.
  3. Book Buddies – As our school grows, so will the opportunities to have older children reading with the younger children.

Our Current Wish List

Our wish list is a mixture of specific book titles and an idea of where we would like to extend our library collection. We would be happy to accept second hand books in good condition, as well as new editions.

We are currently looking for

  • Non-Fiction books  – now that we have an increased library space, we need to fill our non-fiction bookshelves. Children’s cook books, books about animals, cars, trains, dinosaurs.
  • Graphic Novels – We would like a copy of Azzi In Between and Fairy Tale Comics.
  • Big Books – extra large versions of books to be used when reading to the whole class.
  • Large books – we are very lucky that our KS1 children can walk through the library every day. We are looking for beautiful large books to catch their eye as they walk past. Hardback versions of any of these books would be most welcome – Lots – The Diversity of Life on EarthThe Variety of Life, Shackleton’s Journey, Apes to Zebras, The Street Beneath My Feet and The Big Book of Bugs have all been recommended.
  • Other things….a library is not only about the books. We are also looking to make it a cosy and comfortable environment. If you have any good quality, small blankets or some plain cushions, these would make lovely additions.