Current Fundraising Projects

We have a number of fundraising projects designed to further enhance the school experience for our children. If you would like to support our school and donate, sponsor or become involved in order for us to achieve our vision for St John’s Church of England Primary School, please do get in touch via the school office on 01923 255017 or

Year 6 Leavers Celebrations 2023

Our first reception intake who joined our school when the door first opened in 2018 have grown with the school and in July 2023, St John’s Church of England Primary School will be saying “Goodbye” and ” Good Luck” to our first Year 6 Leavers. Leavers’ celebrations are a tradition for the majority of primary and secondary school and we are very excited to have reached the stage in our school history when we can start our Year 6 Leavers’ traditions. This year’s event will be a milestone in our school history and we would be interested in hearing from local businesses, companies or individuals who would be interested in sponsoring these celebrations. Please contact school, or 01923255017, for more details.

Raising the Roof

Increasing the capacity of our Roof Top Playgroup is our longer term project, this will mean that the children will have more space for physical education and recreational play. Our vision is for a sensory garden, a place for quiet reflection and a small school garden. We are thankful to our neighbours Regal London who are supporting our Roof Top project.

Books are just the beginning

We are now able to further extend our library with a dedicated school library space in the new premises. We are very happy to be bringing books out of storage to display on our shelves, allowing the children to read, to discover and to learn in a nurturing and welcoming environment.

We have been advised that fully setting up a new primary school library will cost an additional, approximate,£18,000 for it to become fully functional. Although we are committed to investing in our library, because of the total investment needed, we need your help to ensure that our library can support our growing school. The library is just one part of the school supporting the vision for literacy here at St John’s. The library enables our children to develop a love for reading, it supports reading areas throughout the school, ensures that there are books available to support the curriculum and supports guided and group reading. This year we will be investing in a library management system, the library environment and starting the KS2 collection.

  • Just £7 could pay for a new picture or chapter book for the library – we have a wish list!
  • £50 could help to buy items to enhance the library’s display, creating a warm and welcoming environment inline with the school’s ethos.
  • £100 could pay for a year’s subscription to a quality children’s magazines – we are keen to diversify the types of written material on offer in the library and classroom reading areas.
  • £200 could pay for an additional whole class set of reading books or pay for a mural to enhance the library.
  • £300 would purchase the licence for our library software for a year.
  • £750 would mean that we could join a Schools Library Service to loan books whilst we are growing our own library.
  • £1,000 could be used to engage with an author to become our Patron of Reading.
  • £10,000 would be a significant investment towards buying books for the library collection.