Half Term Creative Projects – Click Posters For Details

14 Feb 2020







Year 3 Arboretum have been learning about the earth, more specifically maps of how we represent the earth both in 3D and 2D.

For their creative tasks over this half term break can the students of Year 3 create their own worlds, with land and sea of different biomes, volcanoes, mountains, countries and cities, laid out however they like. This world should be created on a 2D map complete with lines of latitude and longitude, an equator, an international dateline and a prime meridian line.

This project will be collected Wednesday the 25th February. Questions to be directed to Mrs Soul.










Year 2 Aqueous have been learning all about China and being authors, following on from this we would like the students of Aqueous to get their creative minds working and make something related to China. This could be your own story, a model of something from China, Chinese style art, detailed maps and much more.

We would love to be able to decorate the corridors with some amazing Chinese creations to welcome us into the next half of the term, so we ask that creations be handed in any day in the first week back beginning Tuesday 25th February.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask Mrs Curtis, Mr Soul or Mrs Mistry.













Year 1 Aurora and Vesper have been historians looking at explorers who have accomplished amazing things such as being the first man on the moon, discovering and mapping the new world and racing to the south pole.

You can pick an explorer you have already learned about or research someone new, creating a slideshow, video, model, map or anything of your choosing about your explorer and what they have done. Alternatively, you could be an explorer yourselves and create something about your own adventures, the choice is yours.

This project is due Monday the 2nd of March. Questions to be directed to Mr Handley and Miss Repova.