Welcome Back!

10 Jan 2020

We hope you have all had a good rest and a lovely Christmas.

As we move into the spring term and the weather hopefully improves, in this new year we celebrate our school value of Respect, the theme for the first January of 2020.

Last term we took part in the Watford Three Rivers Refugee Project, Mrs Langeveld sends her thanks to everyone who took part and would like to share the gratitude of the project’s coordinator:

“On behalf of WTRRP, I am writing to thank you for the Christmas Tree presents for WTRRP children.  We are extremely grateful to the families and the children of St John’s School who have gone to so much trouble to remember those who have very little, especially at this time of year.

WTRRP enjoy an incredible partnership with Churches, Schools and organisations in Watford without which we could not function.  We are currently looking after over 100 families with 140 children and would like to take this opportunity to thank the school for their continuing support and kind gestures.

Please also convey our thanks to the family and children of St John’s School.

With our best wishes to you and everyone at the school for the New Year.”