Monthly Archives: November 2020

Crazy Hair and Socks Friday!

20 Nov 2020

To raise money for Children in Need and the Friends of St John’s, the children celebrated with a ‘Funky Hair and Sock Day’.

It made for a very smiley and fun start to a Friday morning. It was lovely to see how bright and cheerful everyone was and we are very thankful for your kind and generous donations.

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5 Nov 2020

Our monthly value for this month of November is Courage. This week, the whole school is engaged in learning about and being respectful of all of those who gave their lives for our freedom.

The Remembrance wall display is a work in progress which will be completed very soon, we look forward to sharing it with you.

In Collective Worship, Father David taught us about courage and faith by retelling the story of Daniel and the lion’s den.

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