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Breakfast Chat

19 Apr 2021

We welcome you to tune in tomorrow at 8:10 am on the Vibe FM Breakfast Show where Mrs. Langeveld, joined by 2 Year 4 children, will be tuning in with Jeremy Clarke where she will be giving an update on school life after the Christmas/ New Year school closures.

You can tune in to Vibe 107.6FM or go to where you can tune in to the Breakfast Show from 6 am.

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National Primary School Allocations Day

16 Apr 2021

Friday 16th April is National Primary School Allocations Day! If you have applied for a place in our 2021 Reception class, you will find out today whether your child has a place. All allocations will be sent out by the County Council. All schools are asked not to discuss any allocations until Monday 19th April. On Monday 19th April we will be emailing all families with details of our Next Steps meetings on Thursday 22nd April. There will be two sessions, one for those families offered a place and another one for those families who will be joining the continuing interest list. We look forward to welcoming our next 60 Reception children into the St John’s school family.

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New Life in Spring

15 Apr 2021

Spring is upon us and new life is starting as we come back from the cold winter months.

The children at school are taking part in a Spring Growing Challenge as each class competes to bloom the first geranium, grow the first tomato and cultivate the tallest sunflower. We also have lemon trees growing but these won’t bear fruit for a while, we are looking forward to watching them grow with us at school.

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A Life Well Lived

14 Apr 2021

While we are delighted to welcome you all back after a restful spring break, there is also the unfortunate news of the passing of HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. He lived a full life achieved so much in his lengthy lifetime and was able to help so many people.

We invite you to join us with Father David in Collective Worship as we commemorate his passing and celebrate all that he acheived.

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